WildLife temples and Andhra Pradesh National Parks

Geographically, Andhra Pradesh is India's fifth largest state and has the largest coastline extending over 1000 km. It is the only state devoted to two mighty rivers. These are –

1) Krishna River
2) Godwari

In Andhra Pradesh, a wide variety of vegetation enriched by a variety of flora and fauna. In Andhra Pradesh strategically located in the central region of the Indian subcontinent there are some of the most spectacular Indian plants and animals. Its diverse topography from the mountainous ranges of the East Gates and the Almighty, to the shores of the Bay of Bengal supports diverse ecotypes that contribute in turn a variety of floral and fauna forms. The state can be broadly divided into four major biotic districts.

DECCAN board: 53%
Central Plate: 35%
Eastern Holiday Calendar: 11%
Eastern Seaplate: 1%

The type of vegetation found in the country is mostly dry deciduous with a mixture of teak, terminalias, petrocarpus, anugisus, etc. The hills, especially the eastern ghettos, add much to the biodiversity and provide centers of endemism for plants, birds and lesser forms of life. The diverse habitat includes a variety of the total fauna

1) Tiger,
2) Panther,
3) Wolf,
4) wild dog,
5) painted,
6) lazy beats,
7) Gaur,
8) Black Dollar,
9) Incara,
10) In the singles,
11) Nilgai,
12) Cheetah,
13) Samber and number of birds and reptiles.

The long seashore provides the nesting ground for sea turtles & # 39; The back waters of Pulicat Lake are the flamingo feeding area and the gray sedge; The Gudavari and Krishna river estuaries support the mangrove vegetation. There are some rare and endemic plants in the state such as Cycas beddomei, Pterocarpus santalinus, Terminalia pallida, Syzygium alternifolium, Shorea talura, Tumbuggaia Shored, Psilotum nudam etc. & # 39 ;. Similarly, the double bow or radon and gold dress are very rare and endemic to the country.

In Andhra Pradesh a network of 20 temples and four national parks covering an area of ​​11,982 square meters.

Some of the most important settlers and national parks are some details with full details

1) Cavalry Prayer

Location and Area: Adilabad District; 893 sq. M
Flora and Fauna: Dry deciduous teak forests with bamboo
Terminalia, Petrocarpus etc & # 39 ;. Animals found are leopard, panther, gaur, cheetah, sambar, nilgai, barking deer, zingahaha, mouse deer, lazy bear and a variety of birds.

Accessibility: 50 km from Mancherial Railway Station (South Central Railway) 260 km, from Hyderabad Road, nearest airport – Hyderabad

Accommodation: A forest rest house in the forests of Jenna.

Season: November to May.

For details please contact Divisional Forest Officer (WLM) Anna Il


Location and Area: Dry deciduous teak forests along the Pranhita River, a tributary of the Godavari River. The area glides and supports tiger, panther, lazy bear, cheetah, black black, nilgai and a variety of birds including Brahmanic duck, organics, storks and herons.

Accessibility: 70 km, from Mancherial Railway Station (Southern Central Railway) 300 km, from Hyderabad Road. Nearest airport – Hyderabad

Accommodation: A forest rest house in Manz & Real.

Season: November to April

For details, please contact the Forest Department Director.


Location: Adilabad district and Karimangar district, 37 sq. Km
Flora and Fauna: A river forest mixed with teak, terminalia, etc. was noted in the presence of marsh crocodiles in the Gudavari river with the forest containing tiger, panther, langur, rhesus monkey, boar, cheetah, sambar, nilagai and python.

Accessibility: 50 km, from Mancherial train station, 10 km from Manthani in Carrimenger district.

Accommodation: A Forest Rest House in Manz & Real 39

Season: December to April

For details please contact Department of Forests (WLM) Anna Il

4) Inauguration of ETURNAGARAM

Location and Area: Warangal District, 806 Sq

Flora and Fauna: Dry deciduous teak forest with bamboo, Petrocarpus, Enuguis, Buchanania, etc. A country with low hills with tiger, panther, gaur, sambar, cheetah, black buck, and zinga, barking deer, wild boar, wolf, jackal, fox, cat jungle and a variety of birds.

Accessibility: 90 km, from Warangal / Kazipet (Southern Central Railway Station) 250 km, from Hyderabad Road, the nearest airport in Hyderabad.

Accommodation: Forest Cottage and Bedouin Rest House, ITDA Guest House in Athurangarm.

Season: October to May.

For more information, please contact Subdree Forest Department (WLM), Wrangle

5) Inauguration of the RAF

Location and Area: Warangal County; 879 km.

Flora and Fauna: Dry deciduous teak forest with bamboo, maduca, terminalia, petrocarpus, etc. Animals found are leopard, panther, gaur, sambar, nilgai, cheetah, boar, lazy bear, wild dog, painted, jackal, fox and migratory birds such as ducks, longlings, ivies, storks and cormorants.

Accessibility: 60 km, from Wrangal / Kazifet 230 railway station, km from Hyderabad. The nearest airport is Hyderabad

Accommodation: Rest home in the forest and tourists in Fahal.

Season: November to June.

For details, please contact the Sub-Divisional Unit (WLM), Warangal

6) Inauguration of KINNERA SANI SANI

Location and Area: Hammam District; 656 sq. M

Flora and Fauna: Dry deciduous teak forests with bamboo, Terminelias, Enuguis, etc. Lake Kinsensny is very picturesque. The animals found are Tiger, Panther, Gaur, Cheetah, Black Buck, Yakara, Zingha, Sambar, Pig, Wild Dog, Painted, Jackal, Lazy Bear and a variety of ground and water nesting birds. Kinnerasani Lake and water ponds contain an alligator marsh.

Accessibility: 25km, # 39, from Deirdrealem

Accommodation: Rest houses in the Plonze Forest and Cottagodam

Season: October to June

For details please contact the Departmental Forest Officer (WLM) for Plonze


Location and Area: Godavari District, Western Godavari and Hammam; 591 square miles.

Flora and Pune: Dry deciduous teak forests with bamboo, terminalia, petrocarpus, etc., and other species that are compatible with the Eastern Ghat vegetation. The animals found are tiger, panther, gaur, cheetah, cheesecake, sambar, black cup, mouse deer, barking deer, lazy bear, wild dog, painted, jackal, wild boar, crocodile and a variety of birds for both resident and migratory .

Accessibility: 50 km from Rajahmundry Railway Station, Rajahmundry nearest airport

Accommodation: Berg & # 39; s Forest Homes, the Mondri, Mardomili, and Kanapuram.

Season: October to May

For details please contact the Forest Conservatory (WLM) Reg & Mondry.


Location and Area: Eastern Godawari District; 236 square miles

Flora and Fauna: The temple is part of the estuary. Godavari supports the rich growth of mangrove vegetation with plants such as Rhizophora, Avicennia, Sonneratia, Aegiceros etc. Animals found are fisherman's cat, otter, jackal, sea turtle and crocodile astrina. The most common birds are sea gulls, storks, herons, snipers, ducks and flamingos

Accessibility: 20 km, from Kakinada Railway Station and 70 km from Rajahmundry Railway Station. Nearest airport – Regmond & Ahmedri

Accommodation: A forest rest house in Coringa and Reg & Mondry.

Season: October to May

For details please contact the Deputy. Forest Conservation (WLM) Reg & # 39; Mondry

9) Colero's Birthday

Location and Area: Western Goodwary County; 673 square miles

Flora and Fauna: This is a dry, wetland habitat that supports a large variety of waterfowl, granular. Ticks, pots, archery, spot notes, Brahmani ducks, open bank stalwarts, herons, occasional flamingos and gray pelicans.

Accessibility: 60 km drive from Vig & Javada train station.

Accommodations: Rest houses in the Woods & # 39; Awada & Aloro.

Season: October to May

For details please contact the Forestry Division Officer (WLM) Aloro.

10) Krishna SANCTUARY

Location and Area: Krishna and Guntur District; 195 square miles

Flora and Fauna: mangrove forests in the Krishna River estuary, with a fishing cat harbor, otter, jackal, alligator astrina and a variety of seasonal birds.

Accessibility: Rest houses in the Woods & Awada forests.

Season: October to February

For details please contact the Forestry Division Officer (WLM) Aloro.

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South India Travel

Southern India temple towns are the biggest contribution to the world of this area. Kerala backwaters, Nilgiris wildlife sanctuaries, and the beaches of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andaman and Nicobar, and Lakshdip are some of the best you can find in this area of ​​the world. The architectural remains of North Karnataka have attracted tourists from all over the world exploring the lost empire of Vig & # 39; Youngar Bhamphi.

Popular bird watching tours in South India

Southern India has some of the best bird sanctuaries in the world. The landscape of South India with the dense forests and adequate waterfalls is suitable for migratory birds to make it their place of residence.

1. Kumarakum Bird Sanctuary

Located on the banks of Lake Vembanad in Kerala, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a habitat for local birds such as waterfowl, cuckoo, owl, heron, heron and duck, and migratory birds such as the Siberian stork, parrots, yellowish, orc, fly-catcher, tree beetle, marginal, tiger , Heron and lamb. The sanctuary covers 14 acres. Kumarakum village is a cluster of small islands on Wemband Lake and is part of the Kutnad area.

2. Modumalai Wildlife Refuge

Modomalai Wildlife Sanctuary is home to birds like peacock, the gray jungle chicken, the red sting chicken, the gray gray messengers, the Google eye flower, the brush whistle, the big drone with a bat tail, the magpie-robin, the spotted baffle, the barbett Little Green, Pigeon Green, Brown Dove, Gray Hornbill Malabar, Bullbulls, Myanas, etc. Among them, eagles, hawks, buzzards, destroyers, falcons, and the king's minister are ruled, besides some migratory waterbirds. It is also home to many animals.

3. The Vedathangal Bird Sanctuary

The Vedathangal Bird Sanctuary is the oldest bird sanctuary in India, located in Tamil Nadu, India. Every year, a large number of migratory birds such as gray heron, cormorant, tolls, dartar, open flat stork, spoon, white limb, greaves, night herons and gray pelican are visited. It is home to other birds such as cormorants, darters, herons, nappies, open flake stork, white ibis, small grub, Indian teacher, black wings stalks, etc. You can visit this complex en route to Mamelpuram, which is only 53 km away. And 85 km from Nai.

4. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is a small sanctuary, consisting of six islands on the banks of the Kuwait River, and is very close to the historic town of Srirapatanam in Karnataka. The sanctuary is now a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and bird watchers. It is home to birds like a painted stork, a stork with an open cork in Asia, a spoonful common, a stork with a neck, a black-headed ibis, a white ibis, a little whistle duck, an Indian roar, a kingville with a stork and other common birds such as nephews, cormorants, Oriental Darter, and herons.

5. Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

The Thetakad Bird Sanctuary, located on the northern bank of the River Pilar, is one of Kerala's most popular national parks. Dr. Salim Ali, the famous ornithologist designed this temple. It is home to birds such as Indian Roller, Cuckoo, Common Sniper, Crows of Pharaoh, Jungle Night Jar, Kite, Gray Drone and Trojan Malabar etc.

6. Receive a Colto bird
Located in the Andhra Pradesh region of Godavari district, 60 km from Vigada, this picturesque bird sanctuary of India is a great tourist attraction. The main attraction of birds is painted stork, open banknote, gray heron, cormorant, white baby Shiny, sifting, reef herons, ducks, dents, trailers, seeds, barns, mohans, etc.

7. Meng's bird shelter shot:

Located near the Sangardi in Madhak province, Andhra Pradesh (50 km from Hyderabad), and the Manga Bird Shoot, it is a shelter for a variety of roaming feathers as well as domestic feather. The birds include painted stork, herons, plum, rice, cormorants, pooh Ards, black and white studios, banknotes and open stacks, etc.

8. Idoki Wildlife Sanctuary

Located 40 km from Methodopos, just above the rainbow dam, the Idoki Wildlife Sanctuary spans the stories of Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola of the Idoki district spread over 77 square meters. km. With its picturesque lake on three sides of the sanctuary, a majestic rainbow dam across two hills and wildlife roaming like elephants and puppy in herds in semi-evergreen and deciduous forests is a great tourist attraction. It is home to birds such as the jungle chicken, myna, laughing chop, black bulb, peacock, woodpecker, kingfisher, etc. Apart from birds, it is also home to many wildlife.

9. The bird shelter Kunthakulam

The Kunthakulam Bird Sanctuary is located 33 km south of Tirunalawi in Tamil Nadu. Kuntululam is a natural and natural landscape village covered with forests and natural pools. Many birds migrate here from January to April from countries such as Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, USA and Australia.

10. Quel Refuge

Located 50 km from Manzal Real in Andhra Pradesh, Kawal Sanctuary is home to birds such as peacocks, cartridges, quail, eagles, eagles, kites, owls, minas, pigeons, tree pies, king fish. Also animals like lazy, panther , And tiger, etc. are here.

11. Kadalundi bird shelter

The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, located 25 km from Kalitsaw (Koz) Yakod, is a refuge for migratory birds such as terns, gulls, herons, sandpipes, etc. Many migratory birds flock from November and return only At the end of April.

A trip to these birdwatchers in southern India is a magical and adventurous experience.