Choosing the right pool table for yourself

There is something to be said about buying the right pool table. Buying a pool table is very similar to buying a car. In many ways you can link the entire pool industry to the automotive industry. It's amazing, how many manufacturers and retailers of our pool tables can learn from the reliable car industry. There are dozens of different manufacturers in different countries. Then, you have to choose where you are going to purchase your pool table. Do you decide to purchase a licensed dealer or a small timer in his garage? In it, you will notice that there are several different designs and sizes. There is a wide variety of choices in raw materials from which it is built. You even have to decide which options you want, including: stains, fabric, mirrors and accessories. Are you going to buy a new or used one? And the list goes on.

The recommendation to purchase a new one is always the best. Why? For a moment, forget about the different qualities and brands that exist. Now, really consider the disadvantages of buying a new pool table. There is just one real drawback, price. If you are considering buying a pool table and you are driven by price and price alone; So it may be best for you to settle for something used. However, if you can wait, if you can take some time to slow down the urge of purchase now; Then you will notice that you will give all the benefits that come with buying new. Remember that there are many brands and qualities. You will abandon personalization, quality, generation, responsibility and guarantees. Need to say something else? it's clear.

Buying a pool table is a huge expense. You don't just have to compromise, whether it's a used stock or a retailer stock, because it's cheaper. You wouldn't settle for a car you don't want just because it's cheap, right? Maybe, but you know what you want. You know what you like. Build it and be part of the process. This will be something you can pass on to your children's children. However, there are certain instances that buying stock or used items may make more sense. Just know what's right for you.

Okay, so what's the best pool table out there? That is up for debate. I worked, and saw, almost everything there was over the years. Some of the other large ones are firewood. In general, if I'm talking, I would recommend that you purchase something manufactured in the United States, use hardwood under construction and contain Brazilian or Italian slate in three-part form.

As a side note: tables from China just aren't good. Slate from China just isn't good. If you think slate is just slate; So tell the many customers who made the mistake of rebuilding these frames, replacing the slate and new parts that eventually cost them more money than they paid for the whole new desk. Chinese slate is stiff and hard and does not allow it to shrink so it cracks and breaks easily. Their pool tables are made in crowds on the "line" with stains and finishes sprayed. Sure they look great. They may even play fine for a while, but these finishes crack and the cheap woods used, distort. It also doesn't take long for that to happen.

There is also a difference in U.S. made and built in the U.S. There are many companies in the state that claim to have been made in the United States but are actually complex only here. I don't buy from anyone like that. Do the research, talk to the right people and educate yourself. I can list a lot of American manufacturers for you, but it will sit and take away from the value in product research. Let’s try and remember that this is more of a process than an impulse purchase.

One-piece slate tables are dated to the house. The bars are nice, but that's not what you want in your home. First, who wants to move it? No one does. Second, they simply cannot achieve the same level of accuracy that can get a three-piece slate. General leveling is all you get with one-piece slate and three slate pieces not only give you that, but it also adds a subtle tuning element that will hold this level for longer and will also resist distortion.

Finding the right manufacturer and retailer will take time. Find the best one that fits your budget and, most importantly, fit your needs. The internet can give you the ideas, but you have to go out there and actually see the product. Take your time. Find what works best. Remember it's your money.

Size and style are entirely up to you. There is nothing here that anyone can do to influence these. How much space do you have? This will help you gauge the size that will fit into your current home. Think about it carefully. Remember, as Americans, we move often. What might fit into your current home may not fit into your next home. What decor do you have and display in your home? Is traditional look, contemporary design or tournament style right for you and your home? There may be options on the pool table from the legs, the frame (arched, no bow, double arch) and the railing edges (routed, plain, curled). All these things must be taken into account. Go outside and see them!

There are more common types of forests used to make pool tables. In general, you will see a particle board with veneer and laminate, poplar (or colored wood), oak (white or red), hard white maple, hickory, walnut, mahogany, or some other exotic woods. There are tables made of marble, car parts, metal and other strange materials. Your standard hardwoods, on the other hand, will be of oak or maple for most traditional models and laminate will usually be used in modern tournament style corner tables. General rule of thumb: Stay with the regular forest and work your way up.

Which of these are important to you? Which ones aren't? In general, your hard trees are going to take a really long time. Just another important note about "hardwood", poplar is technically considered a hardwood, but most do not recognize it. It's soft and winding even if pressed together in layers. Don't be confused by the sales person. Tournament style tables are almost all made of particle board with high quality or low laminate. Don't let that stop you from buying one because a particle is not that big. It's not & # 39 ;, but some good branded things make it a good table.

There are lots of different spots and finishes available nowadays. The stain is actually the color they produce the wood while the finish is the one that goes over it for protection and shine. The stain colors range from natural and light colors, all the way to dark and black. Finishes are usually only available in a few different options, with matte, semi-gloss and high gloss being the most popular. These two items are related to your personal desires and your design. Check them all out, especially in the face of your fabric color options.

No more traditional green canvas days. There are dozens of colors available now and you are not limited to the once green and blue. There are different types of fabric though. They will fall into two types: wool and weave.

Woolen cloth, or nap cloth, is your standard in home and leisure fabric. Most retailers include this standard heavyweight in table buying. Very rarely will you see it in a pool hall unless the owner is cheap. This fabric is usually a nylon and wool blend. This is sometimes called a nap fabric because it has micro-fibers that resemble carpet. Professionals stay away from this fabric because it does not pull the slate tightly with less speed and accuracy, it tends to the balls, the balls will insert slots and allow it to "sway".

Woolen fabric is also a similar blend with a much higher wool content. These things are the best of the best. It's elastic enough to stretch to incredible strength, giving the game extreme precision and speed that are consistent enough to allow professionals to maintain position throughout their game. It's not rolled and torn, like his brother's wool, and he's heavy and durable that extends his life in most scenarios. If you have the extra money, get it! Don't look for fabric, but know that there really is only one real manufacturer and the other woolen wool brands are simply cheap knockoffs.

The mirrors come in many different materials and styles. You will see round mirrors and diamonds made of plastic, mother of pearl, stones and metals such as brass and chrome. You can get them in different colors or show them a double diamond. The most common double diamond style will consist of a gem surrounded by gemstones. It gives the pool table a completely different look and feel.

Then we come to accessories. They are what they are and most often you won't get a kit with your desk coming straight out of China and generally sucking. This is fine even though these are the items that start. Naturally, you want the best you can get with your purchase, but don't let someone tell you that their desk is better because it has better accessories. Once you learn the game and get more involved you will appreciate and understand the value of equipment upgrades over time. Personally, if the bullets are not real and the clues are not American fair; So I don't want them. However, they get a high price and are not required until after you get the feel for the game and want better gear.

So the last thing to mention while looking for the perfect pool table is the warranty and guarantees. why is it important? Simply, if the manufacturer does not back up their product for life, and a retailer does not support its work with a lifetime warranty; So how useful is the product and service provided. Remember generations? How can I be expected to do this if the manufacturer and seller do not even believe in their product? It is difficult to find the right combination from the dealer for the dealer, but they are there. If you can't offer these two simple things, you shouldn't be in the business at all. Forget about them.

If the brand is right, call the manufacturer and tell them you want their product without the retailers & # 39; And tell them why. If the retailer is right and the brand is wrong then you may need to explore other options with them or find another brand.

It's all about you and that's the insight into your analysis. In the end, you have to decide what is right for you in brand, cost, quality and style.