Maintaining your operating capability (in aviation)

Wouldn't it be a delightful and joyous world if airlines had consistent limits on the size and weight of their carry-on bags? Well, your dreams are now squashed like the mammoth attraction you were trying to fit into the overhead compartment on your last flight. Not all aircraft overhead storage is created equal. Each airline bases its portfolio restrictions on the internal configurations of their fleet. Which means, in short, a bag can be carried on one flight, but it must be checked on another.

Fortunately, domestic airlines such as USA Airways, Delta, America and United agree on their maximum size, 22X14XX inches. Unfortunately, most wheeled suitcases push these dimensions to the breaking point. I myself had to check the bag because The wheels were too big for the overhead compartment to close.

Some domestic airlines are more generous than their portfolio restrictions. Alaska Airlines allows 24 inch & # 39; 24X17X10 inch & # 39; (So ​​passengers can fit in their parks on board, we guess). AirTran and Southwest allow 24 by 16 by 10 inches. Unless you are carrying bricks, there is rarely a presidency but there are technical limitations. Make sure your carry bag does not exceed 40 pounds in the big wig airlines and 25 pounds in the not-so-big wigs airlines.

If you are overseas, carry a lightweight can or duffel backpack with the capacity of cans. European airlines have extremely strict carrying dimensions. Weight is a big factor as well. Air France and Alitalia limit freight to 21 x 13 x 9 inches A maximum of 26.4 pounds – Lufthansa, Switzerland and Turkish carriers can be 21 x 15 x 9 inches, but these airlines attack with a maximum weight of 17.6 pounds.

New seats and buoys often mean less than eight inches of clearance for bags under the seat in front of you at a maximum width of 14 inches & # 39 ;. The middle seat in a three-seater row has less space even under the seat.

Our advice, if you know you are going overseas or traveling on different sized aircraft, you should buy a smaller and smaller carrying case around 21X13 X 9 inches. A bag of this size will fly almost anywhere if you do not carry it with heavy and unforgiving objects. Remember, Overhead bins are not "very flexible", so be sure to measure your attraction before dragging it to the gate, just so you have to check it.